Frequently Asked Questions

Do I require an account to start a transaction

For any transaction to be processed through the website both the buyer and seller require an account. Accounts can be created here.

Can I cancel or freeze a transaction at any time

Yes, we are here during every step of the transaction, we can be contacted here to cancel or freeze a transaction if it needs to be disputed.

What does it cost to to process a transaction

We have below a transaction fee list depending on how much the transaction is for.

$0 – $100 = $2.50 fee

$100 – $1,000 = $10 fee

$1,000 – $5,000 = $25 fee

$5,000 – $10,000 = $50 fee

$10,000 or more = $100 fee

Can this service be used any where in the world

We have no restrictions to where this service can be used around the world, however various banks or other institutions in different countries may have restrictions which might limit the usability of our services.

What types of transactions do we process

We currently process website and domain transfers only.


We are able to help assist with returns of merchandise and / or money however this is usually out of our hands. In cases where we still have funds in our holding accounts no money will be dispersed if a sale is being disputed, money will only ever be dispersed when both the buyer and seller agree to it.

Fraud Protection

Many if not all of the transactions processed through the website are monitored very closely, if we find anything suspicious we can and will contact the affected party. With many years of experience in website and domain transfer with escrow you can be assured we haven’t many fraudulent activities and prevented many before to much damage has been done to either party.

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