How We Make It Simple For You

The process of how we process transfers from seller to buyer is very simple.

At any point in time, if there is any questions, or discrepancies, we can be contacted from the contact page to make any modifications to the transaction, or cancel a transaction if need be.

We are always here to help!

  • Buyer Or Seller starts a transaction

    Either the buyer or seller can log into their account and under the account menu they can choose to start a new transaction. Once on this page, the buyer or seller only need to fill out a quick form that contains all the details required to process the transaction.

  • Funds are securely sent to escrow

    Once the transaction has been created, the funds can be sent from the buyer into our safe and very secure accounts. This money is usually transferred over night but can take up to a few days. There will also be a corresponding transaction fee which will need to be paid by either the buyer or seller.

  • Merchandise is sent from Seller to Buyer

    Once the funds appear in our accounts we will notify both the buyer and seller, at this point, the merchandise can be transferred from the seller to the buyer.

  • Buyer has the opportunity to inspect the merchandise

    We offer the buyer and seller an inspection period, if this is required it can be set in the form used to create the transaction. An inspection period allows the buyer to inspect the merchandise for a set number of days before the funds are dispersed to the seller.

  • Buyer verifies merchandise and funds are dispersed to seller

    At this point the buyer verifies that the merchandise is as describe by the seller, once this has been done the funds will be dispersed from our account into the account of the seller.

  • Transaction Completed Safely

    The buyer has at this point verified they are happy with the sent merchandise, and the seller has received funds, the transaction is now closed, this is done in a safe, secure and quick transaction where all parties should be left without any worries.


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